Free Online College Courses offer numerous opportunities for those students that would like to receive an education but cannot afford the traditional college experience.

The Free Online College courses offer a way to complete an educational program while still holding a job or pursuing other life goals. These free college courses are available at many colleges and universities throughout the United States. EdX is one of the institutions that offer free online college courses.

Free Online Courses

Free Online College Courses:

For high school students interested in taking college entrance tests, free online courses are available through many schools and universities. These free online college courses are available for those students who wish to learn what college courses might be like and who want to complete an educational program while holding a job or pursuing other life goals. This is a perfect option for students who might be in financial difficulty and who need to earn college credits for a test or for some other reason. These free online courses will typically use a hybrid classroom/academy format. Some colleges and universities offer these online courses through a blended high school/university approach while others offer independent study options.

Dual Enrollment Online College Courses:

Another of the free online college courses available for high school students who wish to receive an education. In this type of free online college courses students online register at one of the schools offering the course and then they enroll at the other school. This allows students to take courses from a school that is offering a specific course that they are interested in. The dual enrollment online programs will generally provide students with credits for both courses. Some of the courses offered through these programs may also require the students to live on campus at the time that they are registering at the online college.

Free Online Courses

Open Courseware Platform:

This is another one of the free online college courses available for those students who wish to obtain a college degree but who do not have the time or the ability to go to a university or college to get one. In this case, the online college courses available through an accredited online learning center may be used as an alternative to a traditional education. There is a wide variety of open courseware platforms out there. Some of them are focused on information technology while others provide a general overview of the technology field. Students should make sure that they choose a courseware platform which is suitable for their needs.


This is a course offered by some of the online colleges courses which is suitable for students who are seeking to improve their English writing skills. It will enable students to examine written texts as well as to develop their ability to evaluate and to edit written materials. Gradesquare will grade the student’s papers based on the rules of English grammar. Each paper is associated with a difficulty level and the student will get feedback as to how he or she performed based on the guidelines provided in the website. This is a very good class which can be used by students to improve their spelling and to familiarize oneself with various styles of writing.


Students who would like to improve their English grammar and who would like to build their vocabulary will find this online college courses which will provide them with valuable teaching materials to do so. The first set of classes is comprised of an introduction to the basics of the English language, introducing students to various terms and their uses as well as explaining how to construct sentences based on these terms. On the second day, students will be given a detailed review of the concepts covered in the first day. They will be expected to apply what they learn from the lesson and show details of their progress.

Free Online Courses

University of Phoenix:

For people who are interested in learning about global studies and who would also like to increase their vocabulary, the University of Phoenix online course will be a valuable resource. The university offers several degree programs including associate degrees, bachelors degrees, masters degrees and doctorate degrees. The courses are conducted online and require minimal textbooks to be used. Students will get assistance with their books at any Phoenix campus.


One of the best online universities which offers online courses for free is the university of Phoenix. The website offers different online subjects including foreign languages, business, arts, education and health which can be taken by free members. The website also provides information about different online businesses which will help students in selecting the career which best suits their needs.

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