What are the best online MBA programs?

The first step in answering this question is understanding what exactly an MBA entails. An MBA is a degree awarded to those seeking to pursue an MBA degree at any of the many accredited business schools across the United States and Canada. Attending one of these MBA programs can be a very fulfilling experience, but there are several different types of programs available, so it is important to understand what kind of job a candidate will have if they choose to attend an onsite campus program versus an online one.

Top 10 Online MBA Programs.

Best Online MBA Programs

Earning an MBA online now is an increasingly popular choice for people seeking to further their career goals, and for good reason: full-time study programs provide the flexible scheduling necessary to keep busy working and familial obligations while balancing a full course schedule. The majority of MBA classes are taught in the morning, so students who wish to study part-time during the day may opt to take a morning class. Some programs require the student to report to class at specific times, depending on when they are signing up for classes. Online business management training and degrees vary widely in the number of students who attend each class and the amount of time devoted to each specialized area of the curriculum.

Concentration Areas.

There are currently three main concentrations available for online programs: human resources, strategic management, and accounting. Human resources may include administrative or marketing positions, management positions such as general manager or department head, and sales or executive positions. Strategic management involves various industries, such as technology, construction, and financial services.

Best Online MBA Programs

Project Management.

Project management is one of the best online programs because it helps students to develop the interpersonal and career skills that are necessary for success in most fields. In particular, this area of business management addresses the strategies that a company must use to successfully manage and complete a variety of projects, from new ones to ongoing projects. Project managers are required to plan, organize, analyze, design, and execute a variety of complicated business strategies to ensure the organization’s future success. As a result, project management is an ideal choice for online learners interested in pursuing an MBA degree in business administration.


Accounting offers a unique opportunity to online programs – because accounting requires a lot of repetitive, task-oriented, and hands-on effort, students typically learn more in a classroom setting than in an online setting. Part-time students typically pursue an accountancy degree online as well, since part-time work typically fits better with their schedules than full-time employment. Because accounting involves complex mathematics and financial principles, many part-time workers are unable to devote a full-time chunk of their time to the coursework required to get an MBA in business administration. Online programs may be the right choice for these individuals who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of these concepts and who don’t have the time or ability to commit to full-time coursework.


MBA applicants interested in finance typically enter the business world with degrees in finance. Online financial-related courses require some study time each day, but the best online programs allow full-time or part-time learners to complete their requirements on their own. Whether a student is planning on working in finance after receiving his or her bachelor’s degree, or he or she already works in the field but wants to pursue an MBA, online programs make it easy to complete prerequisites and learn the skills required to succeed within an organization.

Best Online MBA Programs


Many people are drawn to the entrepreneurial field because they believe it offers the chance to create a successful business from the comfort of their home. Successful online programs allow such aspiring entrepreneurs to learn all the basics of entrepreneurship and then go on to develop the technical skills and business strategies that will allow them to launch their own ventures.


Online MBA programs prepare students for the fast-moving world of teaching. It’s an exciting profession that requires quick thinking, unique teaching techniques and knowledge of one’s subject matter. As a result, online MBA programs are often accredited and designed to prepare students for the rewarding job of teaching. Whether a student already works in the teaching field or he or she just wants to gain the education and credentials necessary to enter this profession, he or she should look for the best online MBA program for him or her.

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