It is possible to find free online graphic design courses, certificate courses, and associate degrees for those who want to jump into graphic design careers.

These are great ways to learn the skills necessary to enter the world of graphic design without spending a lot of money. You can take these courses from home and work at your own pace. Many people choose to go back to school, or update their education, so they have a fresh perspective and can make changes as they go along. Whatever your reason for learning more, there are many different online graphic design courses with certificates that you may want to try out. Here discuss some of the best online graphic design courses and other certificate programs where you could begin your new career.

online graphic design courses

There are a variety of free online graphic design courses with certificates available to learn the basics of designing.

Some of the basics include working in Illustrator, Fireworks, Photoshop, and CorelDraw. Some of these offer learning in color, shapes, and textures as well as the fundamentals of design. The basics of graphic design skills include learning the difference between styles and templates, learning how to blend colors, creating space, and working in layers.

Logo Design

For people interested in becoming a graphic designer, learning a logo can be one of the best graphic design courses with certificates available. Logos are a way for businesses to promote themselves, for example promoting a website by using a logo. This is a very important part of graphic design because a good logo can attract customers and potential customers are looking for things that are unique. Learning a logo from the basics can also help someone keep up with current trends. A sponsored message with the logo can be the perfect way for a business to advertise themselves and it is something that can be updated on a regular basis.

online graphic design courses

Web Design

These are often times offered as part of online graphic design courses with certificates available. Web design is a part of website creation because creating a website with the right type of graphics can make the site more professional looking. People have websites that are not updated well and the graphics and colors used are outdated and not used properly. Learning these best practices can help a graphic designer stay up to date and learn new things so that they can apply them when creating websites.

online graphic design courses


One of the most commonly used programs is Adobe PhotoShop. This is a program created by adobe that can be used with digital cameras and printers to help create high quality graphics. Adobe PhotoShop includes thousands of brushes and retouching tools so that even the smallest design project can be easily fixed and corrected. A skilled graphic designer will learn to properly use all of the different tools in PhotoShop. They will need to know how to change the size of objects and change the color of their selections. A graphic designer will know how to use all of these features so that they can produce a professional looking image.

In addition to the courses above, many colleges and universities offer graphic design classes as well.

Most schools have graphic design programs that can be taken online. There are even specific courses on-campus that graphic designers can take for their degree. Some schools also have certificate courses that can be transferred upon completion. There are also other course that graphic designers can take that will help them reach their goals. These include learning about color schemes, anatomy, and creative thinking among other classes.

online graphic design courses

These are just some of the classes that are available to help graphic designers reach their goals. Different colleges and universities will offer different types of courses for their students. If you want to learn graphic design online, you will want to spend some time researching your options. The more you know about the classes available, the more likely you will be able to find a way to get your education at an affordable price.

Many different specialization programs are also available. These are specific courses that concentrate on a specific skill set. Some of these skills include web design, Adobe Photoshop, animation, and even sketching. There are graphic design specialization programs available to help students learn all of these skill sets and more.

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